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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 9 Master Cleanse

Day 9, yehey!!!!

I cant believe that i have not taken any food for 9 days... its weird, i do not even miss chewing. I hope i still know how to chew lol. Also, my sense of smell seems to be hightened because i can smell food around me and at least could tell what they are... weird, i do not notice it before or at least pay attention to it before the cleanse, i just eat the food without smelling them.

I noticed that my "eliminations" are a bit slower and less often as before. I have not changed my routine and/or recipes. I still take the SWF in the evenings. I assume its different for every person.

Tomorrow is the last day, its bittersweet. To be honest, i enjoy this whole experience and I am gonna miss it. On the other hand, im excited to start eating again because i am curious what they will taste like since I am assuming my tongue or tastebuds are new (or sorta new) lol .

I'll sleep on it so when i wake up its the final day :)

good night


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