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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 6 Master Cleanse

Peaceful saturday!

I spend the day watching movies and reading a book. it helps past the time... i did had cravings at one point, but i have to ignore it and just keep looking at my goal of 10 days.

I got the hang of making the lemonade solution now every morning. I like the feeling when i wake up in the morning, i'm actually awake, no more snoozing or dragging myself off the bed. I feel better and light.

The sea salt water solution is a bit tolerable now, its not as salty as it was during the first few days of drinking it. I have not changed the recipe for it, so I am not sure if it is my taste buds that have adjusted to it.

That's day 6, I'm getting there.... bring it on day 7 :)



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