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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 2 Master Cleanse

Once again, I did not feel hungry today, however I had some cravings especially when I saw the Crispy Pata at home.

I had light headaches and tiredness around 6pm today, however after I drank some lemonade solution I felt better after a while.

The sea salt water flush is still unbearable to take in due to the taste. It reminds me of the feeling like drowning in the sea because its the same taste.

I'm quite proud that I can still last this long considering I'm the type of person who eats all the time.

Im looking forward to Day 3. I wonder if people around me notice something different. Today, on the phone, the person said I talk like I do not have any energy or enthusiasm, whereas in my head I feel energetic. We'll see...

Good Night


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