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Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 8 Master Cleanse

Wow, Day 8 i cant believe it. I am almost done.

Same feeling as before, i dont feel hungry anymore and to be honest i get full easily and can not finish my 2 liters of lemonade solution. I still try to finish as much as I can since it has the nutrients i need.

Sea Salt Water Flush is still not that fun to drink but i have to , inorder for it to flush the toxins in my body.

Another fun thing i did today was to do some bikram yoga class. It was intense, though it was fun at the same time. I felt a bit nauseous but good thing is that i did not pass out. lol

anyway back to the master cleanse, i only have 2 more days left to complete the 10 days. im looking forward to it though i am not sure how will i start eating again. I havent had any solid food in so long... need to plan my easeout phase.

good night and see you in the morning day 9 :)



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