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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 4 Master Cleanse

it is a good day :) Congratulations to myself for being able to make.

I am wondering if this is all psychological or my body is really adapting to this change. I still have not experience hunger as long as i am drinking the lemonade solution. I did have minor cravings but not strong enough to break my cleanse. I do not even miss the sensation of chewing and/or think about eating when the time hits 12noon or 7pm , its weird but im happy for it.

Tomorrow will be day 5, if i finish this then i would have completed my 2nd short term goal. After that, i'll know 'if i can still continue to do it for 10 days... we will see what day 5 has to offer. I need to go to the market, im low of lemons :)

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