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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 10 Master Cleanse

Day 10, yessss!!!! I did it.... wow this is a great feeling. Thinking back on the past 10 days how my routine , my lifestyle, my outlook has changed. Its really amazing.

So the master cleanse is over, but i still have to continue with a liquid diet for a day or two just to jumpstart my stomach/digestive system in preparation of eating solid foods.

I still cannot believe that i did not eat for the past 10 days, it just does not seem possible and to think I usually eat 2-3 hours a day, i am trying to recall what i did with those 2-3 hours per days that i got.

Also, i enjoyed the weight loss part. given this is not the main purpose of this cleanse but losing 20lbs is a big deal. I will use this as the beginning on living and eating healthy in order for me to reach my ideal weight.

I would miss walking up every morning and making the lemonade solution and licking that spoon measure with left over maple syrup ( the highlight of my day lol). I hope even after the cleanse, I can still maintain the benefits that i got with it.

Well thank you Master Cleanse for giving a new perspective :)



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 9 Master Cleanse

Day 9, yehey!!!!

I cant believe that i have not taken any food for 9 days... its weird, i do not even miss chewing. I hope i still know how to chew lol. Also, my sense of smell seems to be hightened because i can smell food around me and at least could tell what they are... weird, i do not notice it before or at least pay attention to it before the cleanse, i just eat the food without smelling them.

I noticed that my "eliminations" are a bit slower and less often as before. I have not changed my routine and/or recipes. I still take the SWF in the evenings. I assume its different for every person.

Tomorrow is the last day, its bittersweet. To be honest, i enjoy this whole experience and I am gonna miss it. On the other hand, im excited to start eating again because i am curious what they will taste like since I am assuming my tongue or tastebuds are new (or sorta new) lol .

I'll sleep on it so when i wake up its the final day :)

good night


Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 8 Master Cleanse

Wow, Day 8 i cant believe it. I am almost done.

Same feeling as before, i dont feel hungry anymore and to be honest i get full easily and can not finish my 2 liters of lemonade solution. I still try to finish as much as I can since it has the nutrients i need.

Sea Salt Water Flush is still not that fun to drink but i have to , inorder for it to flush the toxins in my body.

Another fun thing i did today was to do some bikram yoga class. It was intense, though it was fun at the same time. I felt a bit nauseous but good thing is that i did not pass out. lol

anyway back to the master cleanse, i only have 2 more days left to complete the 10 days. im looking forward to it though i am not sure how will i start eating again. I havent had any solid food in so long... need to plan my easeout phase.

good night and see you in the morning day 9 :)



Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 7 Master Cleanse

Today is sunday, day 7.

everything is fine, just a lot of craving probably because I have been thinking of what foods I will be eating once this is over. I know its bad to think about it during this situations but there isnt much to do lol...

tomorrow is day 8 and monday, which means back to work. Finally some distractions, I am hoping i can try to do yoga tomorrow. we will see...



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 6 Master Cleanse

Peaceful saturday!

I spend the day watching movies and reading a book. it helps past the time... i did had cravings at one point, but i have to ignore it and just keep looking at my goal of 10 days.

I got the hang of making the lemonade solution now every morning. I like the feeling when i wake up in the morning, i'm actually awake, no more snoozing or dragging myself off the bed. I feel better and light.

The sea salt water solution is a bit tolerable now, its not as salty as it was during the first few days of drinking it. I have not changed the recipe for it, so I am not sure if it is my taste buds that have adjusted to it.

That's day 6, I'm getting there.... bring it on day 7 :)



Day 5 Master Cleanse

sorry i am 18 minutes late on this post...
Day 5 is a bit tough, got too busy at work i forgot to drink the lemonade solution so i felt hungry for the first time during this whole process.... it subsided after a while however that was not a good feeling.
i reached my 2nd short term goal of attaining 5 days.... i would like to continue and go for the 10days... first i need to survive the weekend since there is no work to preoccupy me with things to do.... i'll make it work somehow

bring it on weekend... i can do this...


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 4 Master Cleanse

it is a good day :) Congratulations to myself for being able to make.

I am wondering if this is all psychological or my body is really adapting to this change. I still have not experience hunger as long as i am drinking the lemonade solution. I did have minor cravings but not strong enough to break my cleanse. I do not even miss the sensation of chewing and/or think about eating when the time hits 12noon or 7pm , its weird but im happy for it.

Tomorrow will be day 5, if i finish this then i would have completed my 2nd short term goal. After that, i'll know 'if i can still continue to do it for 10 days... we will see what day 5 has to offer. I need to go to the market, im low of lemons :)