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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 10 Master Cleanse

Day 10, yessss!!!! I did it.... wow this is a great feeling. Thinking back on the past 10 days how my routine , my lifestyle, my outlook has changed. Its really amazing.

So the master cleanse is over, but i still have to continue with a liquid diet for a day or two just to jumpstart my stomach/digestive system in preparation of eating solid foods.

I still cannot believe that i did not eat for the past 10 days, it just does not seem possible and to think I usually eat 2-3 hours a day, i am trying to recall what i did with those 2-3 hours per days that i got.

Also, i enjoyed the weight loss part. given this is not the main purpose of this cleanse but losing 20lbs is a big deal. I will use this as the beginning on living and eating healthy in order for me to reach my ideal weight.

I would miss walking up every morning and making the lemonade solution and licking that spoon measure with left over maple syrup ( the highlight of my day lol). I hope even after the cleanse, I can still maintain the benefits that i got with it.

Well thank you Master Cleanse for giving a new perspective :)



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